Organic boom among celebrities

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What happened? It seems organic cosmetics - the new business trend among celebrities! We admired the natural moisturizing cream from Jay-Z, natural lipstick from Beyoncé, scrub with a red salt from Kevin Federlyayna ... What else we can tell Hollywood magic ball? .. Initially, the organic market has Jackie Chan, and later still, and Stella McCartney! 

Renowned actor, Kung-fu master Jackie Chan pays great attention to quality of products and services, and issues of environmental protection. Despite this, the star already has a number of successful business projects, among them - chain restaurants, fitness clubs and clothing line. 
Actor has achieved some success in the organic sector. More November 16, 2006 he announced his resignation on cosmetic market, production nalahodyvshy own line of organic skin care «The Jackie Chan Skin Care Line», which was an international event in the world of beauty. 

Cosmetic line, developed in partnership with Maggie Chu, already introduced in Hong Kong and access to international markets. The opening ceremony was attended by Hong Kong celebrities such as Asuka Bigucha and Hiro Hayama. 

The official site of actor stated: "As a continuation of Jackie in the environment, this product has natural ingredients that do not harm the environment, and all packaging made from recycled materials. «The Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care» - this exotic collection of skin care, consisting of high-quality ingredients such as herbs, fruits, vegetables and thermal water. To increase the shelf life of the product used old methods of treatment. 

For example, moisturizing cream with cherry extract «The Sour Cherry Whip Moisturizer» (for mature, dimly skin) contains active ingredients including extract acidic cherries and bacteriological corn oil, which increase skin moisture and revives it. 

Cosmetic Line «The Jackie Chan Organic Skin Care» drew attention to various skin problems such as premature aging caused by UV rays, eels, tarnish skin. Regular use of these care facilities provide excellent results. 

All ingredients are included in cosmetics, preferably organically grown in Hungary.Products are carefully hand harvested to preserve its power and ensure the greatest possible freshness and naturalness to discerning consumers who have skin problems.The entire range of organic cosmetics is eco-packaging from recycled materials. 

It seems not a joke star decided to support the organic movement worldwide. In № 2, 2009 our magazine we wrote about the collection of organic clothing from Stella McCartney. However, this achievement is not only a talented woman! In spring 2007 fashion designer presented and certified organic cosmetics line under the brand «Care». Organic cosmetics line includes seven products, for example, cleaning milk with lemon balm and apricot extract, flower water flavored with lime blossom and green tea. 
The cost of cosmetic products from renowned designer range from 30 to 70 Euro.Moreover, cosmetic line «Care» Cosmetics positioned as "unisex", given the growing demand for men's skin care products. 

A series of organic cosmetics «Care» from Stella McCartney's contains 100% natural origin ingredients, 100% active ingredients certified organic, 100% organic essential oils. New Line of Beauty Eliminates synthetic preservatives, silicones and ingredients of animal origin. 

So closely intertwined in famous people acting ability, the desire to save the environment with great commercial success of a rather competitive market. 


Inna Kolesnik 
Organic Federation of Ukraine

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