Benefits of organic vegetables

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How often do you have any questions, it is better to buy: organic vegetables, or similar, at first glance, the conventional traditional vegetables. Those and others have similar appearance, contain vitamins, fiber, fat and contain no cholesterol.

However, conventional vegetables are cheaper. This fact is more acceptable for average families. However, organic vegetables are marked "certified organic product.Does this mean that organic vegetables are better, safer and more nutritious?

Why, then, consumers must take care of agricultural technology, for example, organically grown green peppers and convention have the same look?

The answer is multifaceted. There are many factors that should influence your choice - whether to buy organic vegetables? Suggest you learn the same thing!

Nutritious. The vast majority of studies of organic products proves their superiority over conventional. First, they do not contain harmful pesticides and chemicals. In conventional vegetables are generally remains of more than 20 kinds of pesticides.Second, they contain much more vitamins, minerals and fiber, and much longer retain their nutritional properties. Thirdly, organic vegetables drunk so much better!

The quality and appearance. The difference lies in the methods of cultivation and processing. Buying organic vegetables, the consumer supports land use natural methods that make no contaminated soil and humus is destroyed, unlike the use of intensive technologies. Do not apply synthetic pesticides and herbicides, which kill germs and leave useful toxic substances in food, and violate the natural ecosystem.

Look for differences between organic and conventional vegetable production:



Organic production

Conventional production

Used natural fertilizers, including compost and humus to the soil and plant nutrition


Chemical fertilizers are used for rapid plant growth

-Antagonists used plants, beneficial insects and birds for pest and disease


Use chemical pesticides for pest and disease

To combat weeds used crop rotation, mulching and manual propolyuvannya


Used chemical herbicides to combat weeds. Often rotation violated


You may have noticed that organic vegetables spoil faster because they contain no preservatives and no wax processed for long storage. Do not be surprised and imperfect appearance of organic vegetables - they may have the wrong shape, smaller size and color variation.

Pesticides. When conventional farmers sprayed pesticides, their residues accumulate in the final products. Why not buy organic vegetables to reduce the influence of these substances on the body.
Sorry, we do not know for sure what effect pesticides have on our bodies - all recorded over 1000 active pesticides available in thousands of products that are sold on the market. Consuming vegetables containing pesticides, we narazhayemos at risk of severe disease of prostate, colon, breast cancer, Parkinson's disease, etc..

Environmental protection. Since the organic entity does not use different chemically synthesized dangerous and toxic substances, organic vegetables contribute to the preservation and protection of the environment: reduce soil and water resources.

Cost. Organic products have higher price than conventional. Rising prices due to more expensive methods of farming, strict conditions inspection and certification of products, high labor intensive work, which means better quality and food safety. Therefore you should not save on their own health.

Taste. The taste and natural aroma is another advantage of organic vegetables grown on the "living" land. Taste is a combination of many different molecules. Healthy, Live earth provides a stable and rich combination of molecules involved in shaping the taste of a particular product. Not surprisingly, the chef and highly prestigious restaurants around the world use to cook their meals only organic vegetables and fruits.

Significant reasons to buy organic vegetables:
- Organic vegetables are grown to strict organic standards
- Organic vegetables are unsurpassed natural aroma and taste
- Organic vegetables are safer for health
- Organic production restores soil fertility
- Organic production works in harmony with nature
- Organic production is trying to save biodiversity
- Organic production is concerned about health

In conclusion should emphasize: specialists from around the world recommend consuming a useful food daily. Organic - what we need! Eat more vegetables to maintain present your health!


Guide for consumers of pesticides in vegetables and fruits


The most contaminated pesticide products



The least contaminated with pesticides products

Buy these products are organic

Accumulate relatively small number of pesticides





Sweet pepper

Sweet corn








Green peas












Inna Kolesnik
Organic Federation of Ukraine



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