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Near San Im'yer in the Swiss mountains in the professional creamery working Josef Shpilhofer. Milk collected daily from the 50 producers with the mountainous terrain (about 700-1200 m above sea level) and process fresh. It was a lot of delicious cheeses: Tête de Moine, Mont-Soleil, Gruyère, Bio-Renan (Demeter), Bio-Gruyère, Fromage-de-montagne du Jura and many other products. Weekly cheese is sent to Switzerland. About one third of all production is exported.

As part of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs "Organic certification and market development" Joseph Shpilhofer in October 2009 participated and successfully presented his stand at the first all-organic product fair in Lviv.

Mr. Shpilhofer how long organic cheese is produced in San Im'yeri?

This process began in 1989, is over 20 years! The decisive move was however not our cheese on organic production, but above all suppliers of milk. For our cheese was extremely important cooperation of most farmers to organic production of cheese was enough organic milk.

How much cheese you produce per year?

Overall we remake 6.5 mln.kh milk per year. Since then about 500 000 kg - organic milk.Organic and conventional milk divided by very clear rules. Independent certification institution annually oversees our cheese and our producers of organic milk. Only this way can guarantee that when the external organic labeling was organic quality inside!

Will brought the transition to organic production farmers any advantage?

Undoubtedly so, the Swiss agricultural policy has contributed to the development primarily of organic products in general. Therefore, production of organic cheese and gives us new opportunities to the farmers market. In addition, organic products best price. Tête de Moine - the most important cheese in our region Jura Mountains and part of our tradition. So it's protected designation manufacturing country. We export Tête de Moine cheese mainly to Germany.

What are the advantages Jura Mountains region for the production of organic cheese Tête de Moine?

The most important advantage is of course that farmers have long been placed closer to the production of organic products than traditional large enterprises on the plain. Here in the Jura mountains, impossible is the same intensive production, as elsewhere, is why the entire chain of production added fewer excipients.

Is there a tendency to switch to organic milk?

Organic is now a trend. Many farmers think about the possibility of other organic products such as organic meat. However, currently not many farmers switching to organic production as before. This may be because the requirements for organic products is very high. Organic also means overrun!

Your cheese repeatedly argued that he picked and the best!

Yes, our cheese we once received gold medals. Yes, the international Olympic mountain cheese by cheese Tête de Moine, Jura mountain cheese, and last year for cheese Bio-Renan, who has the quality of Demeter. In 2006 I won Cheese Tomme de chèvres de Couvers Swiss cheese award, but goats' milk cheese with an absolute niche product.We cooperate with the goat milk supplier from time to time. This completes our range of shows and our competence is also valuable for teaching our students.

You were last year in Ukraine at the first all-organic product fair in Lviv. What are your impressions?

I was very impressed with the people and pioneers of organic movement in Ukraine.This, of course, is completely opposite doorman, where the organic market is very big.The organic market in Ukraine is still young and small, but I believe that organic production has a very good chance. Important role in this play that people in Ukraine want to buy healthy foods, and because current environmental problems have become more sensitive to this issue. Draft State Secretariat for Economic Affairs "Organic certification and market development in Ukraine" promotes organic market in Ukraine.Well, that Switzerland and Ukraine cooperate and experience gained during our 20 years in Switzerland and Europe, now transferred to Ukraine. FiBL here holds more than just a pioneering work.

As it appeared in 1989, when only started with organic production?

We first started working in Switzerland with certified organic cheese (Demeter). So we had an advantage in the market and therefore a good price! In subsequent years we transferred more cheese on organic production and the market grew. I am confident that the investments were worth the time investment and glad that in Switzerland we have a wide assortment of cheeses.

Did You export your organic Tête de Moine cheese in Ukraine, didn't you?

Of course, immediately! At first Ukrainian Fair of organic products organized by the Organic Federation of Ukraine, people support our organic cheese, Tête de Moine.Demand is already here, we need only interested partner who is willing to sell our cheese!



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