How to Lose Weight? - Eat Organic Food Every Day!

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One of the greatest threats to the human race is the allpervasive, ongoing, deliberate manipulation of our food supply. Without a doubt, the contamination of our food with synthetic chemicals (e.g., pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, preservatives, food dyes, stabilizers, artificial flavorings, fake vitamins, growth hormones, tranquilizers, antibiotics, etc., etc., ad nauseam) combined with production techniques that utterly decimate the intrinsic nutritional value of raw food (e.g., genetic engineering, irradiation, hydrogenation, etc.), is the primary root cause of degenerative disease, and obesity, in America and abroad. Our bodies are not designed to operate on nutritionally stripped, chemically laden food day in and day out. Daily intake of micro doses of toxins over the course of years or decades, and deprivation of optimum nutrition will certainly cause a degenerative disease to set in sooner or later.


And, this type of a diet also leads to massive weight gain, as we try to nourish our bodies with food that has been stripped of any intrinsic nutrition. Americans, for the most part, are overfed, yet malnourished. To be free of degenerative disease, and to shed those pounds, then, means we must abstain, as often as possible, from eating synthetic (man-derived) food, and instead adopt an all-organic diet in our home.

Weight Loss Tips
1. Eat only organic food at home,

2. Animal products contain a LOT of fat; try a plant-based diet for 3 months and shed pounds without even trying,
3. Exercise. You must exercise if you want to lose a lot of weight. Curves for women has an excellent reputation.


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